Full Stack

what i can develop for you

    Full stack web development offers the creation of custom-made static and dynamic websites although the emphasis is on dynamic because of their power. I can develop for You both client and server software. For client-side programming, HTML5, CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT are used. For server-side PYTHON, NODE.JS, POSTGRESQL and MongoDB. The full-stack frameworks I am using are Flask, Django and Nuxt.js.


    There are many benefits to dynamic websites:


  • Great user experience.
  • Convert visitors to potential clients.
  • With a well-designed database in the backend, there is plenty of information to show and track various events.
  • Registering users allows two-way communication and everyone can contribute.
  • Writing a blog and getting feedback is very useful in the long term.
  • With all of these implemented, it's likely to achieve a strong online presence.


    Building a website from scratch is usually slower and more expensive but it's a better solution. It allows for fine-tuning and building of extensible apps. Start with basic implementation and as growing add more features. That way ensures a very high level of customization.

    On the other hand, building on templates is a faster and cheaper solution but harder to enhance. There are many free as well as paid premade templates online. It is also possible to sort of clone some websites you like.


    Clean design. Simple, easy to parse, uncluttered and more white space. Removing distractions and focusing on the content, the key message, and the most important action. Selecting the information, elements, and actions that are most useful, valuable and relevant.


    A fully responsive layout means a website will look good on all devices. Mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet - each layout is constructed carefully to fit the modern look and feel. To achieve that CSS grid and flexbox layout are used.


    Custom dashboards improve user experience and increase visibility into your business. Gives you a measure of productivity in every area. Create reports easily and update them as you wish. It helps to increase profit and productivity as easily as measuring every aspect of the business. A carefully planned and built dashboard is priceless.


    API integration. It can be implemented by a third party to bring some functionality to a web app or build its own API endpoints to allow others to use data in various ways. Modern API is a technology that enables different applications to communicate in a standardized way, quickly and seamlessly.


    Email integration in a web app helps to automate many tasks. Like informing users or customers of new features or events automatically. Contact forms use email to send questions or messages. There are more possibilities depending on demands.


    An extensible system, after the website is up and running is possible and easy to extend with new features.


    A scalable system, easy to handle growth by simply adding resources to the server, VPS or Dedicated.


    Tasks automation - no need to manually do repetitive jobs. Sending notifications via mail, and database backup are some examples.


    Blog integration. Writing blog posts is a great way to show your work or your products. Also documenting various jobs.


    Database in the backend stores all important data and makes them persistent. We use Postgresql as it has many advantages. PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system. PostgreSQL has earned a strong reputation for its proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set, extensibility, and the dedication of the open-source community behind the software to consistently deliver performant and innovative solutions.


    Database backup, daily, weekly, or something else depending on requirements is part of automation and ensures you don't lose important data.


    Deploying websites to virtual private servers such as Linode and Digitalocean.


    Maintaining your server. Updating security patches and other features.